Engineered Wood and Laminate

We can supply and install a vast range of engineered wood and laminates designed to meet your needs.

We know how essential it is for you to select the right wooden flooring to meet your your specification and requirements. We can advise you to ensure you get the right durability and maintenance of your flooring as well taking into account the acoustics and costs you need to meet

Maintenance and Durability

We understand that our customers require flooring that is low maintenance and requires a low effort cleaning regime. Durability is also vital to handle the toughest of environments. Whether it's on display in a boutique shop or taking heavy footfall in a storeroom, we can ensure you get the right type of flooring.

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Our Commitment

We have strong working relationships with all the major suppliers and always aim to provide and install quality flooring solutions within the time agreements made with our customers.