We have a vast range of carpets designed to meet your specific needs.

Selecting the right carpet to meet your specification and requirements is essential. We can advise you on the differing look and feel of what you need and ensure the durability and maintenance is incorporated into making the right decision for you.

carpet_tilesCarpets and Carpet Tiles

Durable yet cost competitive. There are a host of differing carpet solutions available. From tough and hard wearing, to luxury feels, we can install the right carpet to meet your requirements.

We can fit carpet that are tough and durable therefore making them perfect for school, office carpet and public spaces, without having to loose the look that our customers require. Available in an array of colour from the bright to natural tomes, a functional and tough carpet that is durable can be quickly realised.


Antistatic Flooring

Static is a naturally occurring, very high voltage, electrical charge that can occur through friction with normal carpets. We can provide carpets that are both antistatic and hard wearing.

forbo_tiles carpet carpet_sample

Our Commitment

We have strong working relationships with all the major suppliers and always aim to provide and install quality flooring solutions within the time agreements made with our customers.